At Crystal Law Solicitors we have a specialist Immigration department that deal with Immigration matters at all levels. We welcome Immigration cases at all levels including complex Human Rights and Deportation matters. Immigration law is a very complex area of law and it is our belief that specialist knowledge of this area of law is essential to help you achieve your desired outcome. Our Immigration Solicitors deal solely with Immigration law and have a strong working knowledge of law, policies, caselaw in this ever changing area of law including a strong knowledge of the current Home Office refusal grounds.
Immigration law is complex and stressful to clients. We go to the length of understanding our clients’ needs in order to achieve a successful outcome for them. We provide expert advice and assistance on Immigration matters from the initial application stage through to appeals and Judicial Review proceedings. At Crystal Law Solicitors, we work closely with some of the leading Immigration barristers throughout the country to ensure you are always in safe hands and have maximum chance of success with your case.
We understand clients that are subject to Immigration control can be very anxious and worried. We have set up a logistical framework where you will never be left alone. We will always have someone present to attend you at the time of your need. The quality of our work is demonstrated by the very high success rates achieved on cases that we take on. If you’re looking for expert advice and assistance on Leave to Remain, Entry Clearance, Citizenship, Asylum, Human Rights claims or Deportation matters, Crystal Law Solicitors welcome you to contact us so that we can assist with your matters.
Crystal Law Solicitors will deal with your enquiry in a timely and efficient manner. Following receipt of your enquiry, we will take brief details over the telephone and then arrange to book you in at the earliest for an initial consultation with one of our specialist Solicitors to take detailed instructions.
Crystal Law Solicitors welcome distant clients from all parts of the UK or abroad. We can conduct telephone and web based consultations with clients and complete all paper works via e-mail and post. We always respond efficiently to all contact from distant clients as we understand that it can be very stressful if clients are unable to get hold of their Solicitor at the time of need.

We assist with preparation and submission of applications to the Home Office. We assist with initial applications as well as extension applications. At Crystal Law Solicitors, we go the extra mile to ensure that all relevant Home Office Policy documents and prevailing case law are thoroughly considered prior to the submission of your application. You can be confident that we will prepare and submit your application in a timely manner to ensure you have least disruption to other issues such as employment whilst your application is being considered by the Home Office. We will keep you fully updated at each stage of the application process.

We have a strong working knowledge of European Law and the Free Movement Regulations. We are able to assist with Home Office applications and appeals in relation to:

  • Registration Certificates
  • Residence Cards
  • Permanent Residence
  • Retained Rights
  • Derivative Residence
  • Surinder Singh

With the uncertainty face by many European Nationals we are here to assist you in preparing applications including Residence Card and Permanent Residence to ensure your immediate rights are protected. We are well versed in this category of Immigration law and are well up to date with relevant Regulations, case law and Home Office Policies. We are finding Home Office refusals have significantly increased on European applications it is therefore essential your case is handled by a knowledgeable Solicitor who has strong expertise in this area.

We have a very high success rate on Entry Clearance applications, in particular, Spouse Visa applications.
We aim to ease your journey through this very difficult process and unite family members quickly and efficiently as possible. We will highlight any potential problems with your application before submission to ensure you have the greatest chance of success and eliminate any potential grounds for refusal.
We will prepare your application ready for submission as efficiently as possible once your instructions are received without jeopardizing the quality the application.
We have a strong working knowledge of grounds of refusals usually raised by Entry Clearance Officer’s and will maximize the chance of a successful outcome for you by identifying problematic areas early on in the assessment process.

We welcome complex deportation matters. We are able to take instructions and assist detained clients and imprisoned clients. We have Solicitors specialising in detained casework and your deportation matter will be treated with utmost urgency. We are competent in all aspects of deportation matters including liaising with Detained Casework Unit and the National Removal Command, preparation of Temporary Release applications, Bail applications, appeals against deportation and also with Judicial Review and/or injunction applications against imminent removal from the UK. We are finding that a high number of Immigrants are being deported from the UK due to improper representation by their lawyers. It is therefore essential you choose the right Solicitor deal with your deportation matters. It is our opinion that deportation law is the most difficult area of Immigration and expert help is absolutely essential to stop removal from the UK.

We understand that the asylum process can be complicated and confusing. We are able to advise and assist whether you have already claimed asylum, are thinking about doing so, your rights if you have been granted asylum and options if you have been refused.
If you have been granted Refugee status in the UK, we are able to assist with Family Reunion applications and appeals to allow your family members to join you in the UK.
We are also able to assist with the following:

  • Settlement applications following completion of 5 years in the UK under the protection category.
  • Travel Document applications
  • Applications for extension of Leave to Remain where you were granted Discretionary Leave to Remain following the refusal of your Asylum claim.

We are able to assist with the preparation and representation in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunals. We are also able to assist with challenging a legal error made by an Immigration Judge in the Court of Appeal. We work together with some of the leading barristers in the country to ensure you have maximum chances of success with your appeal. We aim to resolve matters as early as possible and without the need of attending tribunals if possible. At Crystal Law Solicitors, we work closely with the client to establish all relevant details so that we are well prepared for the appeal hearing resulting in a very high success rate.