Landlord & Tenant

Crystal Law Solicitors provides comprehensive, clear, cost-effective and practical legal service to help you in the area of landlord and tenant law. We understand not only is the area complex but the experience can be stressful.
We provide up-to-date tailored legal advice for each of our clients, keeping things crystal clear. We understand the law can be complex and we guide our clients with down to earth, jargon-free advice. Our ethos means that we ensure we engage with each and every client in the way that suits their requirements.
Whatever the size of your property portfolio, all residential landlords need legal advice at some stage. In addition we also advise and support letting agents who act on behalf of the landlord.
As a residential landlord it is important to consider where possible, to prevent problems with tenants from arising. If problems do arise, our experts can offer a range of solutions to solve the problem as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
We specialise in all aspects of landlord and tenant law including:

  • Tenancy Drafting
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Possession / Eviction
  • Residential Squatters

Drafting a tenancy agreement is essentially a contract between a landlord and the tenant. It is crucial any such agreement falls within the remit of the law and ensures as a landlord you are protected. As experts in the field of landlord and tenant law we are familiar with the requirements of a tenancy agreement and are proficient in drafting bespoke agreements to suit your needs.

Buying and renting properties to many of us can seem like a good idea, a way to invest money and receive an additional income. Whatever your reasons for becoming a landlord, managing and letting property can be complicated and you may experience problems. Unfortunately, like any relationship in life, disputes can arise. Disputes can range from missed rent payments to damage to the property. We assist landlords throughout the country in resolving disputes and issuing formal notices.

What types of disputes we can help you with? For Landlords we can assist you with a range of issues such as;
  • Defending actions by tenants
  • Disputes about repairs
  • Health and Safety Proceedings
  • Increasing Rent
  • Problems with the Council
  • Recovering Rent Arrears
  • Serving Section 21 Notice
  • Serving¬†¬†Section 8 Notice
  • Possession Proceedings

At Crystal Law Solicitors we are able to assist you in evicting a tenant should the situation arise. We have assisted many landlords evict tenants for unpaid rent and anti-social behaviour. At Crystal Law Solicitors we understand that cost saving is important to our clients. As a result, we offer a fixed-fee packages to Landlords seeking to evict their tenants. We are able to assist throughout eat stage of the eviction process:

  • Drafting a service notices
  • Preparing Court Applications
  • Preparing evidence for Court
  • Representation at Court
  • Enforcement and bailiff action

At Crystal Law Solicitors we are able to assist you in securing an urgent Court Order to evict a squatter in your property. In recent years in has become a crime to trespass in residential property and the Police will usually be able to remove a squatter within 24 hours once you have obtained a Court Order which proves they are not legally entitled to be in your property.